To our Natural Land Family.. We are very disheartened to announce that at this point we will be cancelling Natural Land Camping and Music Festival. At this point, we can't begin to explain how sorry we are for the great errors in judgement that resulted in our shortcomings this weekend, but still—we apologize for not meeting your expectations. Some of you are very upset, on many different levels, and rightfully so. There was an honest lack of understanding of what it actually takes to turn a dream this big into reality despite all of the planning and double-checking. Again, our deepest apologies to everyone looking forward to this weekend as much as we were. With that said, please stay tuned for more information on refunds. We will be contacting you through your Eventbrite e-mail as we start the process shortly. We will NOT leave you hanging on this, but we ask you for patience. We have a lot of questions coming our way and getting to them as fast as we can.